The hearts and minds of a chef, a family, a team

seasonal and locally sourced produce prepared with care.

From Humble Beginnings

Passion, commitment, and family have come together to establish Charred: café comforts and a-la-carte dining in a beautiful location – morning, noon, and night. A family tradition of hand-made, quality meals brings our head chef, Nicolas Wood, to Toowoomba.

Nic outgrew the family home to discover his own food inspiration and place in kitchens across Adelaide, South Australia. Some years later he returned to Queensland, to join his family in a new, culinary adventure. Together they have built Charred in a top location in beautiful Toowoomba to delight you with Nic’s interpretation of contemporary Australian cuisine.

Charred invites guests to gather for a shared meal, with plenty of options for all tastes. Year-round alfresco dining makes the most of Charred’s garden setting, while the cheery café caters for the rushed and the leisurely.

from humble beginnings

making a salad

Our Love for Food

Our head chef, Nicolas Wood, enriches the dining scene with a shareable dishes featuring native Australian flora and fauna. Nic’s kitchen concentrates on fresh, raw ingredients, proudly producing meals and condiments from scratch on premises. A traditional smoker in the courtyard trickles a supply of smoked goods to the kitchen, whilst inside, high-tech sous vide baths run around the clock.

The same kitchen provides a concise and special breakfast menu for the café patrons. Charred employs state-of-the-art equipment to get the most out of every coffee bean. Old favourites and welcome newcomers bring a fresh treat to your plate, and the cake cabinet satisfies the sweetest of teeth.

The kitchen reigns supreme, but the bar is not overlooked. The owners’ South Australian heritage and beer brewing tradition ensures that the wine and beer selection is constantly assessed and developed.

The best way to describe the Charred experience is to try it out and appraise it yourself.